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Grass Cutting

Expert Lawn Mowing Across Cambridgeshire

Fortunate Landscapes offer grass cutting and lawn mowing services for gardens of any size, keeping them well maintained and in top condition all year round. 

We work on both residential and commercial properties providing one-off grass cutting as well as regular ongoing garden maintenance services.

Professional Grass Cutting Makes all the Difference

We can help you create the perfect garden space without the hassle with our

gardening services. Lawn mowing can be a difficult task to do yourself, especially

if you have a large garden to maintain.

Often grass can become damaged when it is not cut correctly and can be left looking patchy or brown. By letting us do the hard work, you’ll be left with a garden in pristine condition and more free time to really enjoy the space.

What We Offer

Our team of landscape gardeners and garden designers use the latest equipment and methods to ensure your lawn is thriving and healthy all year round.

We can help with:

Regular or One-off Lawn Mowing

We offer grass cutting services for lawns of any size. Regular lawn mowing gives a consistent finish, so your garden always looks its best. 

Your grass will grow stronger and healthier with reduced risk of diseases such as red thread.

Treatments, Fertilisers & Weeding


Provide the right nutrients at the right time of year, boosting colour and vigour in spring, increasing health and plant strength in autumn while ensuring your lawn stays moss and weed free all year round.

Grass Seed Selection

We offer advice on the best varieties of grass seed for your lawn including what to use on problem areas such as  shaded, waterlogged or high traffic areas.

Reseeding & Topdressing

We can help you reseed, topdress, aerate and overseed your existing lawn to achieve that perfect finish every time (essential for dog owners and high traffic gardens).

Chafer grub and Bird Damage

We have the expertise to restore damaged lawns and fight back against pests like chafer grubs, so your lawn will always be looking its best.

Commercial Grass Cutting

We can also assist with commercial grass maintenance and gardening services for businesses, landlords, and sports and leisure facilities. 

We offer a range of durable and low maintenance solutions perfect for high traffic grass areas such as golf courses and football pitches. Book a quote to find out more.

Get in Touch

Contact us today for more information on grass cutting or with any questions, our friendly team are always happy to help.

June 2022