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Hedge Trimming and Maintenance

Expert Hedge Trimming Across Cambridgeshire

Fortunate Landscapes provide hedge trimming and pruning services throughout the Cambridgeshire area, maintaining and shaping hedges of any size.

We can help with hedges on both residential and commercial properties, leaving them in top condition and looking their best.

When carrying out hedge cutting there are many things to take into consideration, such as the size and species of hedge, the time of year and the possibility of nesting birds.

Our team of experienced gardeners can advise on the correct time of year to prune your hedges (usually between spring and summer) and the optimum height to cut them back to, simply get in touch with any questions.

Professional Hedge Cutting Makes all the Difference

Once a hedge is established regular hedge trimming and pruning needs to be carried out to keep it looking its best and promote health and growth. 

This is usually conducted once or twice a year for formal hedges to ensure they maintain their shape. 

Our team of trained landscape gardeners use the latest equipment including mobile elevating work platforms and electric and petrol hedge trimmers for larger jobs. 

This allows us to work on hedges of any size even if they are too tall to reach with a traditional stepladder. 

By letting us do the hard work for you, you’ll be left with hedges that are in pristine condition all year round and more time to enjoy your outdoor space.

What We Offer

Our team of landscape gardeners and garden designers specialise in hedge trimming, cutting and pruning. 

We offer a wide range of hedge maintenance services including:

Regular or One-off Hedge Trimming and Shrub Pruning

We offer hedge cutting services for hedges and shrubs of any size, both formal and informal.

Regular pruning ensures that your hedges will always look their best and helps reduce the risk of disease.

We use all the latest, professional tools which are sharper than standard hedge cutting equipment meaning we can tackle even tall and overgrown hedges.

Hedge Reduction

If a hedge has become unmanageable or too tall for its surroundings, hedge reduction is the perfect option to reduce its overall height.

This encourages more light into the space allowing plants around the hedge to thrive and promotes healthy new growth in the hedge.

Hedge trimming can then be carried out on a regular basis to maintain the shape.

Hedge Removal 

Hedges that are dead or diseased or that have simply become unsuitable for their location may need removing.

We can help with any hedges that require removal, ensuring they are removed safely and efficiently and tidying up any remaining waste.

Hedge Planting

We can help with the planting and upkeep of new hedges, offering advise on the best hedging solutions for any space.

We can supply both evergreen and deciduous hedges and help with soil preparation and aftercare

Commercial Hedge Trimming

We can also conduct hedge trimming and maintenance on any commercial properties. 

We offer a range of gardening services for business owners, landlords and farmers to ensure their hedges are maintained at a safe height and are secure where livestock are being kept. 

Book a free quote with us to find out more.

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August 2022